We’ve been submitting memory-related items to the Cincinnati regional papers (and Cincinnati.com) on a monthly basis since early 2015

Here’s a listing of the articles (the articles are also HERE in .PDF format, if you’re unable to read the Cincinnati.com articles or want them in this format)

Stories Behind Your Stuff_Electronic Memory of Your Keepsakes (pictures, video of items in your life; 8/2017)

Pictures_Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It (limiting, labeling your hard-copy and electronic pictures; 7/2017)

Biking Beginnings…and Considerations (Eli Joyce’s impact on BG youth, thanking “the Eli figures” (important people) in your past; requests of drivers and bikers, 5/2017)

Importance of the Printed Word (valuing the printed word with word and dollars, 2/2017)

Treat Yourself Like Royalty (assuring all information is clear at “The End”, 01/2017)

Transformed Again and Again (Lessons Learned from 4 mentors/friends who died in 2016; 12/2016)

Spreading Joy This Holiday Season (Picture summary, experiences this year, describing an acquired item; 12/2016)

Remember Your First U.S. Presidential Vote? (Assuring your voting registration is current, 9/2016)

“Having a coffee” – just sharing a sentence or two… (Spending a minute or two in conversation, 8/2016)

“BoaL, Precious Memories…and Preparation”   (Paramedic One-Pager, 07/2016)

“Memories and Song” (Music provides great reminders of times past, 03/2016)

“Spreadin’ the Love” (Valentine’s Day, “Tell Me About Yourself…” 02/2016)

“Let There Be Peace on Earth” (Resolving to Be More Peaceable 01/2016)

“Summarize Your Year” (Making Time to Summarize Your Year 12/2015)

“Seven Score and Twelve Years Ago…” (Being Thankful and Telling People That You Are! 11/2015)

“It Was The Best of Times,…” (Good-To-Go Toolkit, Living Will, Durable PoA efforts for your BoaL**; 10/2015)

“You Have the Choice to Love What You Do” (making your “job” a satisfying part of your life; 9/2015)

What’s In Your Backpack? (what are those “must have with you” items?, 8/2015)

What’s Your Recipe For Living a Significant Life? (acquiring, summarizing and sharing wisdom, 7/2015)

Feeling the Warmth All Year Long… (Connecting with Family/Friends, 6/2015)

There’s No Sweeter Sound… (Memorial Day theme, 5/2015)

Sending a Message Instead of an Apple (Gratitude for Efforts of Others, 4/2015)

Less Sunshine Have You Singing the Blues? (Scheduling an Event Possible? 3/2015)

Time for Memories to Spring Like Flowers… (Cards to Family/Friends, 2/2015)

** BoaL (Binder of a Lifetime)

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