Recipe Contributions

Here are some recipes for living a significant life …

  • From a health care professional (currently VP and Chief Nurse Executive) in the St. Louis area
    • Work hard
    • Be thankful for what you have
    • Make a difference
  • From a researcher in the Baltimore area:
    • It’s not as important to do what you like as to like what you do.
    • If you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, the least you can do is be quiet.
  • From a retired University of Cincinnati professor living in Cinci area
    • Do for others – treat others as you’d like to be treated (Golden Rule)
    • As you get older there will be a temptation to be more self-focused – try to avoid that temptation!
    • It’s important to know more about what you think God is like. Think about sacredness and God’s presence
    • Trusting more is important – it falls BEYOND our head-focused tendencies
  • From a banker in NW Ohio: “one part of my recipe is definitely keeping connected with friends”
  • From a nurse in SW Ohio: “I have lists of things that … I want to be included in each day. … prayer, conscious gratitude, meditation/purposeful quiet, shared time with my dear hubby, connection with my children and grandchildren, physical exercise, knitting/sewing, lots of water (to drink and if it can be gazed upon or splashed in–even better), healthy foods, reading/other mind pursuits like puzzles or writing . . .”
  • From NW Ohio retired educators: developing long-term friendships (not wealth or fame) with good folks. [the memories that accompany such friendships are priceless!]
  • This webpage contains the response from a SW Ohio sales and marketing professional. Connecting with self, spouse, children, community and other “neighbors” are key
  • This webpage contains the response from a NW Ohio nurse with a background in gerontology. Among the comments: follow “The Seven (Seas) C’s of Love”
  • This webpage contains a preliminary recipe from Long Memories founder, Steve Long (in two forms – numbered list and recipe-style)
  • Cline family contributions


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