Everyone has a story to tell.

OUR GOAL? Making it easier for individuals to do “storytelling using available technologies” so they can economically, enjoyably and effectively

  • Make Memories
  • Capture Memories
  • Organize Memories
  • Share Memories

Now & (Virtually) Forever!”

Want a systematic, phased approach to assembling important thoughts, memories and other information all in one place? Create your own Binder of a Lifetime (BoaL.) More details and plenty of FREE resources are HERE (www.BinderOfALifetime.com) to do this on your own.

Websites for some cherished family members are here:

Websites for some cherished buddies are here:

And my brother Andy has done webpages on cherished family and friends like this one for Bill Rock

Plus, Long Memories websites can be particularly valuable for those of us still living! Here’s our founder’s website: Steven Allan Long – Long Memories Website

Click HERE for a “Zits” comic, by Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott that sometimes fits… “Being a Grownup  Stinks!”

We are working as “memory missionaries”

We’ve begun a campaign to fill a “cookbook” with recipes of how to live a significant life. Won’t you contribute your thoughts? Here’s how!

LM one pager

“SHARING THE GOOD WORD”: this link takes you to a webpage with perspectives we are publishing in the local newspaper plus in internet postings…

Families have positive experiences working with the Long Memories team


Long Memories brochure 2015-05-27

Would your family, genealogy group or other group like Long Memories to come for a visit? Home parties in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland areas may be possible, with travel to other regions likely. Call 513.225.2335 or email us to discuss and schedule.

The First Long Memories Website: Frederick Walker Cline

Long Memories Website of Steven Allan Long (Founder, and one of the Long Memories proprietors)

Cline Clan Chronicled — an example of a multi-generational website

Some books/materials/websites that may provide additional justification for Long Memories efforts

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013, this company combines a “memory missionary” focus with a small, for-profit business on specific projects

For details of the West Africa Albinism Relief Program, supported by Long Memories, LLC, click here

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ― Dr. Seuss

CONTACT US … we’re just an email (LongMemories2@gmail.com) away

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