LM Missives – messages from readers (and responses)


Eloise writes:

Your article is beautiful! I printed it for Steve to read

Pam writes:

I love reading your articles in the Forest Hills Journal!

Alice writes:

Slipping my newsletter, revisiting pivotal events in my 2015, into Christmas cards, and appreciating your posting regarding the value of doing this. I agree with your premise completely.
I look forward to your monthly postings on Cincinnati.com.

Jeff writes:

“Dear Steve, I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your article, “Feeling the Warmth All Year” and to ask a question as well. As you said of yourself, I too am not a Facebook”er”. I wonder how you keep plugged in with the “memory archives” family members and friends are creating without social media? I struggle with the choice of remaining present without social media or “plugging in” and losing the present. I’d love to hear your thoughts. My e-mail is … Keep up the good articles!”


Dear Jeff, Thanks so much for your note and the encouragement you share. Being intentional is the key to keeping plugged in with friends/family from my perspective. While I’m not much of a Facebook guy, I do spend just a little bit of time on Facebook periodically since that’s the way some of my younger family members share best about themselves. On the other hand, “old fashioned” methods like sharing a meal or beverage; phone calls; and notes (via “snail mail” and email distribution newsletters) do a great job of keeping me connected to most of the important people in my world. You and I share the concern of not losing the present – whether with social media, excessive work or any other habits that can keep us away from paying attention to the people we love. I hope this thinking helps clarify a bit more of my thoughts. Please keep your thoughts, questions and comments percolating – I’d love to see and/or hear them!  Kind regards, Steve