We’ve been submitting memory-related items to the Cincinnati regional papers (and Cincinnati.com) on a monthly basis since early 2015 and those versions are HERE.

The articles are also below in .PDF format in case you’re unable to read the Cincinnati.com articles above or want them in this format

Jewelry Boxes in SE Cincinnati (Amazing Medical Advances, wonderful medical personnel, Binder of a Lifetime reduces stress; 1/2018)

Stories Behind Your Stuff (electronic memories of your keepsakes using pictures, video of items in your life; 8/2017)

Pictures_Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It (limiting, labeling your hard-copy and electronic pictures; 7/2017)

Biking Beginnings and Considerations (Eli Joyce’s impact on BG youth, thanking “the Eli figures” (important people) in your past; requests of drivers and bikers, 5/2017.) HERE is Eli Joyce’s obituary for any interested in that…

The Importance of the Printed Word (Assuring fact-checked information in the midst of a social media world; 2/2017)

Treat Yourself Like Royalty (assuring all information is clear at “The End”, 01/2017)

Transformed Again and Again (Lessons Learned from 4 mentors/friends who died in 2016; 12/2016)

Spreading Joy This Holiday Season (Picture summary, experiences this year, describing an acquired item; 12/2016)

Remember Your First U.S. Presidential Vote? (Assuring your voting registration is current, 9/2016)

“Having a coffee” – just sharing a sentence or two… (Spending a minute or two in conversation, 8/2016)

2016-07_Priceless Memories…and Preparations (BoaL workshops, Canada Priceless Memories, Paramedic One-Pager)

2016-03_What Comes to Mind When You Hear That Song (connecting music with memories)

2016-02 Spreadin the Love (Valentine’s Day, “Tell Me About Yourself…”)

2016-01 Let There Be Peace on Earth… (Resolving to Be More Peaceable)

2015-12 Making Time to Summarize Your Year  

2015-11_Seven score and twelve years ago (Being Thankful and Telling People That You Are!)

2015-10_It was the best of times it was the best of times (Good-To-Go Toolkit, Living Will, Durable PoA efforts for your BoaL**)

2015-09_You Have the Choice to Love What You Do (making your “job” a satisfying part of your life)

2015-08 What’s in Your Backpack (what are those “must have with you” items?)

2015-07_What’s your Recipe for Living a Significant Life (acquiring, summarizing and sharing wisdom)

2015-06_Feeling the Warmth All Year (Connecting with Family/Friends)

2015-05_There is No Sweeter Sound (Memorial Day theme)

2015-04_Sending a message instead of an apple

2015-03_Seeing Less Sunshine Have You Singin’ the Blues?

2015-02_Time for Memories to Spring


** BoaL (Binder of a Lifetime)

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