Notable Quotes

From a presentation by Renee’ Zucchero, Associate Professor at Xavier University**

  • “the power of story lies in the act of telling and the human interaction that surrounds it” – Meuser (2011, p. 188), emphasis added
  •  “It is not the process of life review but the achievement of integrity in such a life review that promotes successful aging” – Wong and Watt (1991, p. 277), emphasis added
  • Use of multi-media [Chonody & Wang (2013)] Conclusions
    • Opportunity to string many emotions, events, joys, and difficulties from their lives had positive impact on their introspection and expressing selves to others
    • The manner in which older adults portrayed through mechanisms to which younger generations are connected may facilitate inter-generational connections
  • A concluding thought … “reminiscence is above all about re- remembering, putting things together again, seeking, receiving and communicating meaning” –Coleman (2005, p. 294)

** References for each of the citations above are

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“Memories are a gift from God to those left behind. They bring comfort, joy and laughter; and they enable me to live forever in the hearts of those I love.”  — Nancy Groves in Living with Illness

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