Sweet Sue Amedeo

Did you first meet her as Sweet Sue L.?

Or was it Sweet Sue A.?

‘cause when you finally met her

she likely made your day

She had so many great traits

Did Sweet Sue Amedeo

But the brightest one for me

Was her positive glow.

She showed it from a young age

(We knew Sue when she was small)

Good things to say about others

And a friend to short and tall

For those who know the Grinch’s tale

She was Susie Loo Who.

That somewhat naïve, waifish girl

Who was always there for you.

She held up like a trooper

Despite all of cancer’s curse

She showed love to friend and foe

And likely kissed her nurse

Her years have been cut short

We might have wished her here

But she is still among us

Of that we can be clear.

Look left and right, at those she touched

Yep, you can see her there

In that bounce you have in your step

The way you show you care.

You see, we haven’t lost her

God knows she has more to share.

Now it’s our job each new day

To follow Sue’s example, with care.

Steve Long

Following the example of his poet son, Sammy, (early the morning of 1/6/05)