Celebration of Life – Planning for it…

  • Finishing & Celebrating Prepared – Preparing for continuation of an exciting and fulfilled life, with thoughts and planning for an easier finish – can happen at any age and any stage (don’t have to be diagnosed with cancer to die…)
    • What is on your “bucket list?”   Are you making plans to do any of these activities?
    • Your death, memorial service and … – making things more memorable and easier for your family
      • What scriptures have “spoken to you” over a lifetime?
      • Are there hymns or other songs that have inspired you?
      • Is there a memorial card, poem or other item you’d like people to read?
      • Anyone you want to read, do eulogy, make a statement or ???
      • Pictures that capture your lifetime – for slideshow and/or albums?
    • Thoughts/Plans/Discussions for burial location, cremation/spreading ashes, etc…?